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Monarch Meeting at JAX › JAX for genomic medicine
Visiting Prof. Robinson and Monarch Initiative people Read More ›

F1000 prime faculty member › F1000 prime
I became member of F1000 prime facults Read More ›

Future medicine - science match › Future medicine
Future Medicine, Berlin, November 7, 2016 Read More ›

VEP Greece › VEP
HVP/HUGO Variant Detection Training Course - Variant Effect Prediction Read More ›

CSH › CSH workshop
CSH Workshop: Future directions in medical data science Read More ›

HIPBI meeting in Barcelona Read More ›

Monarch Meeting 2016 › Monarch
Monarch Week Read More ›

Reasoner › Konclude
Konclude usage Read More ›

Article › Exomiser
Article in Nature Protocols Read More ›

Visit from Cindy › HPO and MPO
Human- and Mammalian Phenotype Ontology face-to-face Read More ›

Workshop › Workshop in Berlin
Attending a workshop Read More ›

I am a father › My daughter
My daughter arrived Read More ›

OWL-API 4.1.0 RC4 › OWL-API in pom.xml
The solution to import 4.1.0 RC4 to your maven project Read More ›

Extracting labels › OWL-API for extracting labels
Extracting labels using OWL-API Read More ›

Build path problems with OWL-API › OWL-API 4.1.0 RC2
Just spend several hours fixing a build path problem... Read More ›

Joining sets of Strings › Nice methods to join strings
I often used very unreadable code for joining Strings in Java Read More ›