Who am I?


I studied bioinformatics in Berlin and did my PhD in Peter Robinson's lab. I am a lead developer of the HPO and several software projects that are built around this and other ontologies. I like programming in Java. Besides that I like web programming and visualisation of complex data.

I am big fan of information visualisation. I love elegant web-applications. At the moment I am working a lot with vaadin. I have previously worked with Gephi and Cytoscape for network visualisations.

I use use protein network analysis for genomics, namely I developed the GeneWanderer for identifying disease-relevant genes using a random-walk approach. I am also working with a lot machine learning methods such as SVMs, Deep Neural Networks, Ensemble methods and more.

During my PhD I helped developing the Human Phenotype Ontology. I have published several tools and methods to harness the content of HPO for several purposes in the genomics field. This lead me to the semantic web world.

I program in Java, R, Perl, Phython, JS, Matlab, bash, etc.